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The Waves of Dissonance

By Andrea Clark All Rights Reserved ©

Other / Thriller


It’s the year 2056, and with the help of mind-altering wavelengths, called Adrays, an all-female society is thriving east of the Mississippi River. Waverly Nelson, however, isn’t satisfied. She wants to force all men completely out of New America... starting with her nemesis, Senator Danforth—the man who took her newborn infant 18 years ago. Waverly’s quest for revenge, however, unintentionally reveals a truth that challenges her own sense of reality, and releases a wave of cognitive dissonance that threatens to destroy her and her estranged teenage child.


“A great and wondrous sign appeared in heaven: a woman… was pregnant and cried out in pain as she was about to give birth.

“Then another sign appeared in heaven: an enormous red dragon… stood in front of the woman… so that he might devour her child the moment it was born. She gave birth to a son, a male child who will rule all the nations…

“And there was a war in heaven.”

--Revelations 12:1-6

DEPOSITION #20561110.001

Even in a society made up entirely of women, Katherine Buford made heads turn. I should know; she turned my head, first. You may wonder, then, how I could give her up. All I know is that, at the time, I told myself she would be better off without me. Truth is, though, deep inside, I knew a daughter would only hold me back.

Two years later, when I first saw the girl on live TV, I regretted my decision. That day, I couldn’t look away. I knew she was mine, of course; but her adoptive mother, then-Senator Pat Buford, had already turned her into a mini-celebrity and it was clear that nothing short of a political upheaval could have wrenched my daughter out from under that old crone’s powerful control.

I spent the next sixteen years chasing other dreams… or so I believed. I realize, now, that my subconscious had led me into a close, working relationship with the very person I detested. The benefits, however, were clear: I got to see Katherine every Sunday night, thanks to the Reality show, Family Hour with the Bufords, and I got to watch her grow up amid lights, cameras, and charismatic sermons.

By the time she turned eighteen, I thought I knew everything about her. I knew she was always smiling, for instance, even when she had worn braces in the sixth grade, and that her bouncy, brown bangs hung constantly in her eyes. I knew she fidgeted in church, got tongue-tied in public, and tended to talk to herself when she thought no one was watching.

It’s what I didn’t know that hurt her.

Now, every time I close my eyes, I relive the moment I last saw my daughter’s face. What I saw, no parent should ever have to witness.

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