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The Waves of Dissonance

By Andrea Clark All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Scifi


It’s the year 2055, and New America is on the brink of another civil war... only this time, it's between an all-female society in the east (the Lytoky), and a traditional patriarchy in the west (New Canaan.) Both sides have been using mind-control to brainwash their followers. In DAY ONE of this three-day thriller, the leaders' two teens cross their respective borders to meet just as the mental war breaks out.



“A great and wondrous sign appeared in heaven: a woman… was pregnant and cried out in pain as she was about to give birth.

“Then another sign appeared in heaven: an enormous red dragon… stood in front of the woman… so that he might devour her child the moment it was born. She gave birth to a son, a male child who will rule all the nations…

“And there was a war in heaven.”

--Revelations 12:1-6

DEPOSITION #20561110.001

Even in a society made up entirely of women, Katherine Buford made heads turn. I should know; she turned my head, first. You may wonder, then, how I could give her up. All I know is that, at the time, I told myself she would be better off without me. Truth is, though, deep inside, I knew a daughter would only hold me back.

Two years later, when I first saw the girl on live TV, I regretted my decision. That day, I couldn’t look away. I knew she was mine, of course; but her adoptive mother, then-Senator Pat Buford, had already turned her into a mini-celebrity and it was clear that nothing short of a political upheaval could have wrenched my daughter out from under that old crone’s powerful control.

I spent the next sixteen years chasing other dreams… or so I believed. I realize, now, that my subconscious had led me into a close, working relationship with the very person I detested. The benefits, however, were clear: I got to see Katherine every Sunday night, thanks to the Reality show, Family Hour with the Bufords, and I got to watch her grow up amid lights, cameras, and charismatic sermons.

By the time she turned eighteen, I thought I knew everything about her. I knew she was always smiling, for instance, even when she had worn braces in the sixth grade, and that her bouncy, brown bangs hung constantly in her eyes. I knew she fidgeted in church, got tongue-tied in public, and tended to talk to herself when she thought no one was watching.

It’s what I didn’t know that hurt her.

Now, every time I close my eyes, I relive the moment I last saw my daughter’s face. What I saw, no parent should ever have to witness.

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