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Love Always

By Gwendolene Candice Valentine All Rights Reserved ©

Drama / Romance

Chapter 1

I wasn’t expecting that to happen. I wasn’t expecting anything at all. But here I lay staring into the eyes of my future. My hand still trembles every time I lift it to look at the ring on my finger. “It’s real Alexis” Vincent’s voice comes as a whisper next to me. “I know . . . . I just can’t believe it.” I reply.

It’s a strange feeling wearing this ring. Just months ago, I grieved my late boyfriend; found out his twin brother was in love with me all these years and met my future husband-to-be. How crazy things have been within the space of a year.

Vincent affectionately touches my face as he lays and continues to stare at me. “I don’t feel like going to work today.’ I say while taking his hand, to kiss it. “I know, but remember I’m not going anywhere.” He replies stroking my lips with his thumb gently. I close my eyes as the feeling makes my stomach tingle. I don’t want to get up, but I have to. At least it was a short week and the office would be quiet. I left Vincent at my place as he offered to tidy up our mess. The remains of a weekend of love making.

So here I sit at work while my boyfriend . . . . . sorry I mean my fiancé waits for me to come home. OMG! Fiancé. I can’t believe I am actually getting to say that word.

“What? What’d you mean you’re engaged?” Ryan chided over the phone when I called to give him the news. “Engaged?! Oh my God Alexis! That’s great news!” Emma screamed grabbing the phone from Ryan’s hands. “At least someone is excited for me” I say sarcastically in response. “Are you sure you want to do this Lexi” Ryan replies after taking the phone back from Emma. “I mean . . . . You just met this guy a few months ago” he continues sounding very concerned. “I know Ryan, but it’s not like we’re getting married tomorrow and I thought you liked Vincent?” I reply. “Don’t get me wrong, I like the guy but are you ready for that step, I mean . . . . . and does this mean that you’re leaving the country?” Ryan asks sounding quite sad. “Hey don’t get too hasty now. Vincent said that he is back to stay so I doubt that we will be moving anytime soon, if ever. Although it would be great to see something new.” I replied. Ryan is silent for a while. “I still think it’s way too soon sis, but I’m happy for you.” He finally says as he ends the call.

I wish the time would speed up, so that I can get back home. It feels like the time decided to take vacation and is literally moving at the pace of a snail.

When it was finally time to go home I raced to get to my car when my phone rings. “Hey babe, are you on your way home?” Vincent asks – I can tell he is smiling. “Hi, yes just leaving the office now.” I replied gasping for air as I search for my keys. “Okay, don’t go home though, come straight to my place. I have a surprise for you” he asks sounding excited now. “Sure will be there soon.” I reply. “I love you” he says as he ends the call. Just hearing those words send sparks to my heart, knowing that I will hear those words all the time from now onwards.

So I arrive at Vincent’s house and I see his car parked in the driveway and he comes striding towards me as I get out of mine. I gasp as he touches my face and the air rushes into my lungs and he kisses me hard. “I’ve missed you today” he says once he pulls away allowing me to breathe. I smile not being able to talk at that moment as I inhale deeply to calm my now pounding heart. “I’ve got a surprise for you inside.” He finally says after studying my face with his mesmerising blue eyes. “What is it?” I ask as he pulls me up the stairs into the foyer of his house. As we walk towards the back of the house to the pool area, I hear a familiar shriek. “Alexis!” Selena screams as she rushes towards me. “Selena! Oh my gosh!” I scream back as I open my arms to embrace her. She squeezes tight.

“It’s so great to see you.” I say trying not to squeeze her. “I’ve missed you and congrats sister-to-be” she says kissing me on my cheek. Vincent stands on the side with his hands in his pocket. He’s wearing a tight chino pants which hugs his ass in a good way. “Thanks Selena, but where’s Kyle?” I ask surprised to see that he was not with her. “Around I guess” she says coolly as she turns heading back towards the kitchen side. I turn to Vincent confusion on my face as I mouth to him what she is talking about. But he just shrugs and says it’s a long story and takes my hand and we follow her to the kitchen.

I don’t want to pry in Selena’s relationship so I don’t bring the topic of Kyle up again. “So ladies, I’ll be treating you for supper tonight” Vincent says as we sit at the kitchen table. His arm rests behind my chair as he gently runs his fingers through my hair. “Wow that’s nice of you. What’s the occasion?” Selena asks surprised that he offered. “Oh just because I feel like spoiling the ladies in my life and to celebrate that you’re back of course.” Vincent replies with a chuckle. “I am so glad that you’re back.” I say leaning over to touch her hand. While Vincent gets ready in the kitchen to start on supper, Selena and I sit in the lounge flipping through TV channels while I flip through a magazine. I finally bring up the topic of Kyle. “So what was up with your answer regarding Kyle?” I ask casually looking suspiciously through the magazine.

“I really don’t wanna talk about it Alexis.” She replies still deciding on what to watch. “Okay then” I respond, there’s silence. “Okay” she stops channel hopping and turns to face me on the couch. “We kind of had an argument and called it quits” she finally admits. “No Selena, I’m so sorry to hear that” I reply sincerely. “You guys where so adorable together.” “I know right . . . but I guess he was just not the one” she replies sadly. “Don’t worry, you’re still young and besides you won’t be single for long I bet you.” I reply and she hugs me. “It’s so great you’re going to my big sis” she smiles. “Do you have any other sisters?” she asks curiously. “Actually no, I only have a younger brother” I answer.

“Really? Is he hot?” she asks staring at me excitedly as if waiting for me to give her the details of his appearances. “I guess he is but he has a girlfriend” I reply. “Oh snap” she responds snapping her fingers and turns back to the TV to continue to flip through channels. We sat there chatting about how it was back in Athens and what she got up to there. She told me how angry she was about the Gabrielle thing and that she hated that Vincent did that to me and that she never liked Gabrielle from the beginning. Just then Vincent walks in over hearing us talking about Gabrielle. “Selena . . . is it really necessary to bring up that topic?” he says sternly and she just shrugs and remains quiet.

“Don’t blame her Vincent, I brought it up” I replied as he came to sit in between the two of us. “Well that’s in the past and you are my future” he continued as he takes my hand and weaves his fingers with mine. “So supper is almost ready” he says. “Great I’m starving. Wish I went home first though so that I could freshen up a bit” I reply. “You look fine Alexis” Vincent says and kisses me on my forehead before getting up. “Oh by the way you’re not going home tonight.” He says nonchalantly as he walks back to the kitchen snapping his fingers. I look at Selena. “What does that he mean I’m not going home later, I still have to go to work tomorrow?” I ask her confused. “Oh he says you’re gonna spend the night here. I’m going to sleep over at a friend of mine, haven’t seen her since we left too.” Selena says suspiciously.

“But I don’t even have . . . . .” “Suppers ready” Vincent calls interrupting me as I was talking. “Great I’ll set the table” Selena says leaping up to the dining area. We sit around the table and Vincent sits opposite me. He’s prepared some simple baked shrimp with feta and spaghetti which tastes divine. “Mmm” I say putting a fork full in my mouth. “This tastes great big brother” Selena compliments. “Knew you’d like it” Vincent says smiling from ear to ear. “So what is this I hear of me spending the night here?” I ask sarcastically whilst moving my foot up Vincent’s leg. He shudders as he puts the food in his mouth. “Uhm . . . . Yeah, so I packed you an overnight bag.” He replied nervously pulling backwards in anticipation for me to punch him. I almost did. “You packed me a bag? And what’s all in this bag?” I asked curiosity written all over my face. “Everything you’ll need to stay over: underwear – not that, that is needed; toothbrush, etc, etc.” he replies counting the items with his fingers, “And what about work tomorrow? I can’t go in the same clothes” I chide as I was dressed in a slacks pants and top. “I know, sorted that out too with the help of a little someone” he replies winking noticeably at his sister, who sat quietly eating. “Oh so you knew about this?” I look at Selena tilting my head slightly. She chuckles and nods her head. “It was my idea” she replies.

Once we were done eating I offered to help Vincent clean up while Selena got her things together. Not long she was off, screaming as she got into the car with a bunch of girls she hasn’t seen in a while. I felt like a mother seeing her daughter off at the door. “Aww they grow up so fast don’t they” Vincent joked as he pulls me inside and closes the door.

“Now that we are finally alone, what do you want to do?” Vincent asks as he weaves his arms around my waist and pulls me closer, swaying me from side to side. “I don’t know, what did you have in mind? I reply teasingly. “Well what I had in mind is a bit X-rated but since there’s no ’kids’ around” he teases as he pulls me closer for a kiss. His kiss tastes sweet and I want more. So I start undoing his buttons on his shirt. He moans slightly against my lips and stops my hands from going further. “Wait babe” he says as I pull away from him. “What?” I ask. “Come, I want to spoil you a bit” he replies taking me by the hand and leads me up the stairway to his bedroom.

He pulls me to his bed and sets me down and says that I can make myself comfortable since this will be my home too one of these days. I stop breathing for a second and stair out the window. While I sit there he runs to the bathroom and opens the facets. I sit there wondering how it would be to actually live in this mansion. Having all this space around me after being use to my tight little place. Not long after, Vincent calls from the bathroom: “Right are you ready, the baths done.” As I enter the bathroom it’s romantically lit with soft lights and the aroma of lavender fills the air. He’s already in the bath tub which is big enough for two and he gestures for me to come in.

I stand there feeling a little nervous and shy – I can’t see why though. “Well are you joining me or not? It’s not like I haven’t seen you naked before” Vincent jokes as he sees that I am a bit hesitant. So I take a deep breath and bit my lip - because after all he is right. I leave the bathroom and back in his room I start undressing. I take the bath towel he packed for me and wrap it around me and return back to the bathroom. I tie my hair up in a high ponytail – he is leaning his head backwards on the tub, eyes closed – so I put my leg in the bath while letting the towel drop behind me. He shifts to allow me to sit comfortably between his legs.

“Oh this feels great” I say as my skin starts to warm up. He wraps his arms around me and kisses me in the nape of my neck. “Relax babe, we have the whole night” he replies, his voice low and husky. He runs the water over my shoulders with his hands. I take a deep breath and just soak it all up. He’s quiet for a while running his fingers on my back. “So I called Ryan this morning to tell him the news.” I eventually break the silence. “Really? What did he have to say?” Vincent asks softly rubbing his lips against my ear. That tickles and I twitch. “His not too excited really. Says it’s too soon.” I reply closing my eyes as he sighs heavily into my ear.

“Wow, thought he would have been excited. Guess I never made a good enough impression like I thought I did” he says softly. “He’s just being overprotective” I reply. “Are you sure you don’t want to change your mind?” I ask him touching his thigh, trying to shift a little. “Hell no! I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you” he says and tilts my head up backwards with his fingers to kiss me. I lean slightly to one side so that he can hold my face easier with his hand and he kisses me hard. My heart starts to race as he runs his hand down my neck slowly and cups it just over my breast. I start breathing faster as the blood starts to pump inside me. He pulls me closer with his free hand around my waist and I can feel him hard against the side of my body. I turn slightly so that I can get my arm around his neck; he gets what I want to do and shifts me around. I am now facing him, my legs on either side of his hips.

We’re still kissing. I run my fingers through his hair and he buries his head in my neck, and gently kisses my throat. Soft little butterfly kisses that sends tingles all over. He runs his hands down my back and my body starts to ache. “I guess bath time is over” he murmurs with a smirk.

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