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The Unknown

By Anna Stewart All Rights Reserved ©

Mystery / Romance


While in school, Jannaka thought she knew everyone but then the most handsome man in the world appeared out of nowhere and kept watching Jannaka, Liam wanted Jannaka and Jannaka could feel the need to want Liam but didn't know what he was until she did research of her own and found out what Liam is and she isn't scared, she wanted to be near him and she wanted to be what he was. Could Jannaka do it could she risk her own happiness and be with the man of her dream.


On a cold, cloudy night, Jannaka was standing in a field feeling warm, not cold at all, like she thought she would have. His eyes are blue like the sky and relaxing, his touch cold, but when he touched Jannaka’s hand, she felt like a oven. His voice different, soft and tender like a mother soothing her crying baby. His body tall, thin but not to thin. He stood 5′8 and still like a beam. He had a baby face and very soft skin, Jannaka was nothing compared to him. Her hair is black and short and choppy. Her green eyes were covered by small glasses. She stood only 5′3 and was average weight. She always had butterflies in her stomach every time he was near her. But tonight was different. She felt at peace like death. She knew everything was going to be different and she was okay with him and she knew her life was going to end shortly and she was okay with that. She knew she loved him and this was going to be the only way that she could be with him forever. She was ready to leave her mortal body and become immortal and be with the man of her dreams forever. He bent over her and whispered in her ear “Are you sure, this is what you really want?” She opened her eyes and looked up at him and said. “Yes, I can’t live my life without you and I am ready.” He looked at her, fangs exposed and ready to take her life. She closed her eyes and felt his teeth on her neck. The venom went through her veins rather quickly and her whole body went limp and she knew she would be unable to wake up for at least a week. Her mind started racing. One part of her was afraid that she made the biggest mistake ever but the other part, the biggest part knew a thousand percent that she knew it was the right thing. When it was her time to wake up, she would wake as a vampire, strong, beautiful but for now, she will just lie on the bed and wait for the transformation to finish and then she can finally be with the love of her life.

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