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By Crazyfairy46 All Rights Reserved ©

Thriller / Mystery


"Because on the outside we are all different, but when you cut the skin open.. We are all the same." Lucas Thompson is a new doctor in the most known asylum in the country. He is handed a case of a suppose serial killer girl. He faces series of challenges and tries to find who is behind the murders that keeps happening.

Chapter 1

Today was the first day as me being an official doctor in an actual asylum and I was really nervous, but I was actual happy that all my hard work and restless nights of studying qualified me to be working in one of the most expensive asylums in the country. I was currently sitting in an office waiting for the list of patients that will be handed to me, with my grades back in college I will probably be handed tons of patients!

″Dr. Thompson? This is Dr. Benson, I have heard good things about you!″ Dr. Benson said as he shook my hand. I politely nodded and returned the handshake trying to leave a good impression. He went to his seat as he looked at my file probably deciding which case I will be better at. I’m good at everything, I probably won’t find time to balance between all the patients I am going to get.

″Thank you sir for the opportunity given to me to work here. I just want to tell you that I have also done training and did courses, it’s all in the file with you.″ I said and he smiled. He looked down at my file then back to me.

″High grades, finished first in your class, and I have recommendation letters from all your professors. And That’s why I’m giving you this case.″ He said giving me a file. Just one file.

″Umm, just one patient, sir?″ I asked through gritted teeth. You just said I’m the best and I end up with one patient...

″Don’t get me wrong Thompson, but you should be honored to have this case. She is one of the most difficult patients ever. No one managed to work with her for more than a week. All the doctors would either quit or kill themselves or appear later as dead bodies ditched somewhere.″ He explained and my eyes widened. Still just one patient.

″I won’t let you down sir.″ I said and he nodded. It’s just one patient how can I let him down?! I’m being sarcastic I know, but I mean just one patient!!

″If you want, you can go meet her. She should be awake by now.″ He said as he looked at his watch. I nodded and got up, but he stopped me and handed me a card which I am assuming is for her door. I walked out after while reading her file on my way to her room. I only read the main part of her introduction and not the whole deal.

Case 386

Name: Elena Destiny Bolton

Age: 19

IQ: 178

Diagnose: Personality disorder, Bipolar, Aggression, self-harm, severe depression, Schizophrenia, Albaravrenya, pyromania

Doctor note: Danger to self and Society.

I stopped reading the file when I arrived at her room. I passed my card on the scanner and the door opened. She had brown long hair, green eyes, her face was just angelic in a way. She looked up to me and didn’t say a word as if reading my face. She doesn’t seem crazy at all... or dangerous.

″I’m Dr. Lucas Thompson, I’ll be your assigned doctor since Dr. Smith left the case.″ I introduced myself.

″He didn’t leave the case, he died.″ She said. Died... Interesting!

″I don’t know what happened exactly, but we are going to work together now, so want to start by telling me your name?″ I asked and she grinned then shook her head in amusement.

″That big file in your hand that holds everything about me and they forgot to maybe, I don’t know.. Mention my name?!″ She mocked. I gulped embarrassed because she made a fool out of me. I gave her a nervous smile and sat down opposite of her as I nodded.

″Just thought we can crack the ice Elena. So tell me more about yourself, something that’s not in that file?″ I said trying to hold my composure. She looked up to me and smiled evilly.

″I’m worse than what they said!″ She said and I felt a shiver come through my spine. I coughed, cleared my throat, and wrote down my notes.

″So in the file they said you self-harm, why do you hurt yourself? Do you do it because you feel guilty and want to punish yourself or you do it because you just love the pain?″ I asked after I read the quick note written then looked up to her.

″I don’t self-harm.″ She said simply.

″But in the file..″ I started but she interrupted me.

″I’m not stupid to hurt myself.″ She chuckled. I nodded and went back to writing my observation of her case so far. Maybe her alternate personality is the one that self-harm.

″Well what do they mean by self-harm?″ I asked looking up to her again.

″Maybe they meant I harm others, but they wrote it wrong?″ She asked and I narrowed my eyes at her. She looked away as if she is looking right at someone else and she had that amused expression.

″Why would you want to hurt others?″ I asked her bringing her attention back to me.

″Human body is pretty fascinating and I want to know more about it.″ She said. Try books!

″What do you fancy about the human body?″ I asked as I tried to keep my heartbeat steady. Somehow I had this feeling that she could smell fear; metaphorically of course then once she knows I’m pretty nervous, she will attack me.

″Because on the outside we are all different..″ She said as she traced her hands on my exposed arm. ″But when you cut the skin open,” she said as she mimicked slashing my arm. “We are all the same.″ She said then leaned back. I fixed my glasses and wrote more about her in my notes.

″What do you do for fun?″ I asked. I was trying to push those terrible thoughts out of her head. I don’t think I’m a big fan of someone cutting into my skin anytime soon.

″Hmm I don’t know, I enjoy setting fire to things. Does that count as a fun activity?″ She asked.

″I don’t think so...″ I said. This is nerve wrecking, I worked as a trainee before, but just having such a case made me nervous. She knew the right things to say to get me worked up and worried.

″What about you then?″ She asked as she folded her hands behind her head.

″Me?″ I asked shocked.

″Yeah, what do you do for fun?″ She asked getting comfortable again.

″Umm I love reading and going out with my friends..″ I said. Why did I suddenly forget everything?!

″What are your friends’ names?″ She asked.

″Uhh Henry, Zack , Chris, Josh. I got a lot of friends.″ I said smiling, but she didn’t smile, she just nodded.

″Do you have a girlfriend?″ She asked.

″Yeah, her name is Emily, she is still in college though.″ I said. I noticed she is the one asking questions now when it’s supposed to be the other way around.

″How old are you?″ She asked raising her eyebrow.

″I’m 26.″ I answered. I thought that maybe by letting her know me more that would make her more comfortable around me.

″You’re younger than the doctors around here.″ She told me.

″Yeah, I guess it’s because I just graduated.″ I chuckled and she nodded slowly.

″Are you scared of me?″ She asked leaning her head closer as her green eyes were locked with my sea-greened ones.

″N-no..I’m N-not″ I said and leaned back from her.

″You should be.″

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