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Junebelle Mansion

By Olivia All Rights Reserved ©

Horror / Romance

Chapter 1

5th Grade

"C'mon Heather, aren't you interested in it a little bit?" my best friend Samantha asked me, trying to peak my curiosity.

"No Sam, you know there is probably a reason why there is a Keep Out! sign in the front..." I respond, trying to seek reason with her.

"Aren't you a bit curious?"

"No, Sam, no."

"Whatever, then I'll go there by myself Heather!"

She runs off to the distant mansion and I chase after her, knowing full well that she was trying to bait and trap me. I fell for it easily, because I really cared for her well-being(a bit more than she did). She shakes the gate and it is locked for her misfortune and my great fortune. She struggles with it for a while but once I reach her, she gives up. I pat her shoulder and we walk back home together.

8th Grade

After our last class of the day finishes, we make our paths home and pass by the supposedly haunted mansion that Sam is super obsessed with. Ever since elementary, she has been begging me to explore this with her. I mean Sam is my best friend and I would do anything to make her happy, however, I still cared for her well-being. We get really close to it and Sam stops for a bit to observe it but I just pull her along making an excuse that I needed to "get home early" even though I didn't have anyone to go back to.

12th Grade

By this time we had two other friends(who were both boys) that joined our group. We were walking home together (talking the whole way) and we passed the mansion again. This time, Sam declared out loud, "Hey guys, want to explore this mansion right here? I mean, it looks fun!" Castille and Anthony look at the mansion and nod their heads in agreement to Sam's idea(who was more of the leader of the group) and she looks at me in defiance knowing that I have to give in with Castille and Anthony also agreeing to her "amazing" plan. I groan in disgust and before Sam can discuss a way for us to get into the mansion in the first place, I say before realizing it, "Guys, shouldn't we record this to make it go viral?"

They pause to think about this but Castille remarks, "Then what are phones for in 2017? Calling?" Everyone chuckles a bit at this and Sam begins to think out loud her plans to get over the gate.

Oh, boy! Isn't this going to be a hell of an adventure!

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