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The Fate of Azaera #1: Dark Horizons

By lorenarose001 All Rights Reserved ©


Part 1: Cursed by Fate: Prologue

The city of Isernia was dark that night. The tavern was empty saved a few drunks and a man sitting in the corner. Noise filled the small space as the cloaked woman slipped in. She had one intention tonight and she knew that she would not let fear keep the story inside her any longer. Time had passed and with it, clarity had been collected. They deserve to be remembered. Their names are disappearing in your silence, she held onto her cloak with her garnet sparkling off her finger. She quickly hid it as she moved to sit across from the quiet man.

“You are the chronicler looking into the history of Azaera,” the woman said. The chronicler looked up with his blue eyes glowing like stars. He nodded. “What if I were to offer you the full story of the land’s rebirth? The story of the four guardians of Azaera, the Fates’ Wars, the Nightlander and those involved in the conflicts; they are all yours for the taking,” she told him.

“For what charge?” the chronicler asked eyeing her, “And what do you know of those times? That was fifty years past. No one remembers that much; I’ve been looking.”

“I offer this information free of charge,” she told him, “You could say I was around and about when it all went down. I am getting up in years and I fear that my story will remain untold. I promised it to another, but he has his own distractions to keep him away so it falls to you.”

“What could you tell me that has not been said? Everyone knows the story. The darkness gave way to light after a long struggle. Otherwise we would not sit here. Two great powers destroyed him and reunited the land,” he insisted, “Magic was our saviour.”

“Magic, oh no magic saved Azaera; it was a tool to some, but I knew people without an ounce of it who made more change than any magic could. Brave people that have been lost to the stories today,” the woman watched the chronicler, “I have special permission from the queen to tell you everything.”

“The queen?” he said, “Who are you?”

“This is the City of A Thousand Secrets; add this to the collection,” she smiled, “Would you like to listen?”

“Let me collect my parchment and quill,” he scrambled for them and took them out, “And you swear only to speak the truth. I have heard my share of false tales.” She nodded and he dipped his quill into the ink and looked to her as she played with the many rings on her hand.

“Let us start at the beginning with an old friend you might have heard of,” she said, “The Cursed One changed everything in Azaera. That is when she woke up. First Azaera waited through her thousand year’s sleep, but for her, it passed like no time at all.”

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