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I'll show them all

By Kurai_Tora

Romance / Action


The power of Pain was so great that even the new Toad sage couldn't take him down, so now he was pinned to the ground by chakra rods and Pain was near his body, about to strike him. But he was kicked away by an indigo haired kunoichi, Hyuuga Hinata.

Upon seeing her figure standing a few meters away, Naruto began screaming at her, pleading her to go back, claiming that she was no match to the Akatsuki member. She cut him down, saying that she knew that fact, but also confessed that she would rather die than see him suffer, baring her feelings of love to the blonde, freeing him from the metal rods as well, but before she could take the last one, she was pushed by Pain, that made a killing strike at her, piercing her at her stomach.

A pair of golden eyes widened at the sight. "Hinata!" Huge claws tore apart the rusted bars that blocked its path, making way for an enormous fox. In the depths of Naruto's mind, the Kyuubi had entered in a state of rage by the sight of Hinata being killed in a brutal way, overwhelming the control that Naruto had over his power. Nine bristled tails waved around as the being rushed towards the light, intent in achieving its goal, taking over his host's body and mind and almost breaking the seal.

The half freed Kyuubi was in a frenzied state, focused in killing Pain and succeeding in this task. Ignoring the bloody smear on the ground, the large chakra construct lowered its head to examine the fallen female, letting a sigh of relief when she showed signs of life.

But this was short-lived when the Kyuubi felt a harsh tug on his essence and felt himself get dragged back to the the seal. "No! Why?!" He roared in outrage, cursing the gilded cage he was forced to live in. Somehow Naruto managed to regain control and make the Kyuubi retreat to his jail. But now the village was destroyed, but some of the ninjas managed to survive, that included Hinata as well.

"I'll come back for you... I swear."

The village was recovering slowly, but surely, and the ninja returned to active duty, Tsunade even sent the Konoha Twelve in a mission, but made Hinata stay in the village. After their departure, there was an assembly to deal with the mess left behind.

Hinata was forced to take all of her personal belongings and now she was standing at the gates, with a mob in front of her, confused until the Hokage spoke:

"Hyuuga Hinata, you are hereby exiled from Konoha for causing Uzumaki Naruto almost lose control over the Kyuubi," said Tsunade angrily. "Do you have any last words?"

As she looked at the crowd just to see their angry glares and hateful shouts, even her own family had joined them, claiming that she was weak, she cringed and felt all her self-confidence crumble into dust. She shifted the bag on her shoulder, straightening her posture and said good-bye with a surprisingly brave voice, then walked away sadly, thinking to herself- 'I'll show you all that you were wrong.'

She kept walking without looking back, knowing that the moment she did so, she'd crumble. She was aimless, not having imagined even once that she would have to leave the village in a permanent basis. From time to time she would freeze up, holding back the urge to turn around and run back. 'It's not me who has to ask for forgiveness...'

At nightfall, she felt raindrops and began searching for shelter. Using her eyes, she spotted a small cave and checked if it was vacant. Luckily, it was the kind that sloped upwards, so the rain wouldn't be an issue. Right when she got in, it began pouring. She sat on the ground, watching the water rushing by the entrance, feeling as if the weather was mirroring her emotions. 'I'm sure that either Father or the elders will send hunters after me... but...' She knew that she would have to fight, but she didn't want to have to kill her own kin. 'Why is fate so cruel?'

She began feeling drowsy and pulled a blanket from her bag, leaning against the wall. 'I'll go south, nobody else dares to go there for some reason.' She had no intention of getting captured and would fight tooth and nail for her freedom.

In her half asleep state, she couldn't help but wonder how she felt a strange energy within her that wasn't there before. 'I'll check it tomorrow...'

Hinata had woken up in the middle of the night feeling so refreshed that she couldn't go back to sleep and the rain had stopped, so she decided to search for a placed to bathe. Seconds later she found a pond. There, she stripped down and dove in the water, any passerby would think that she was a nature spirit due to a wonderful body and her midnight blue hair. The cool water and the smell left by the rain made Hinata feel calm, after a while, she felt sleepy again and went back to the cave. Right when she fell asleep again, she found herself standing on a pillar with an enormous empty space around her, then she felt a second presence and looked up, sighting a pair of violet eyes and ten pure white tails.

"Where I am and who are you?" Hinata had asked hesitantly. She was sure that the last time she went to rest was in a cave. Did she get captured while she slept? The eyes showed mirth at her state and the tails waved like leaves to the wind. "I am the ten tailed demon, Juubi." The voice was at the same time overpowering and reassuring to her. She got shocked at the information. "… you're what?" Hinata was doubtful.

A chuckle rang all over the void. "Let me start from the beginning. As everyone knows, I was sealed inside the body of the Rikudou Sannin, and the legend says that my body and power was split in nine demons. But that isn't the truth, I was part of Kaguya, and when she died I just returned to Kami. I had to stay with her until the purest child was born. The child was you." The eyes showed warmth. "The other demons are their own person, and their creator is none other than Kami. Heh... but she did use part of me as a base."

"W-wow, but it changes all that we knew." A booming laugh reached her ears. "Of course. And this is a lot to take in, but believe me when I say that in the future you will be the strongest being in this world, save for the gods." The tails kept waving all around her. "What do you mean?" asked Hinata. "Anyone that has a demon in their bodies will fuse with them after a while and become that demon, and the previous one will pass on."

"So I will be the next ten tails?" The eyes showed that the demon was smiling. "Yes, and I will help you through your changes." Hinata began feeling more confident in the presence of the Juubi and decided to find more about the creature. "Can you tell me your name and form? I can only see your tails and eyes." A tail reached forward, wrapping itself around her. "My name and form are your choice."

"What about a wolf?" After she said that, there was a bright light, when it died down, it revealed the most beautiful wolf that Hinata had ever seen, while it was mostly white, the paws and the marks on its face were a light purple. It circled lazily around her while sporting a smile. "You're so beautiful, can I call you Hikari?"

The wolf showed a fanged smile reminiscent of Akamaru. "It sounds lovely but you should wake up, you were sleeping for three days." Hinata's eyes widened in shock. "How is that possible?!" A wink relieved her a little. "Remember when I told you that you would change during our fusion? I'm just speeding it up," said Hikari while chuckling.

When Hinata woke up, the first thing that she noticed was the loudness of the birds. When she scratched her head, she felt a sharp pain, making her feel for what made the sensation. She felt animal ears which made her get scared and go to the spring to see her reflection. Hinata saw that she had ears and tail like Hikari and the same marks under her eyes. After this Hinata did what she did best, she fainted.

One week after Hinata was exiled.

Naruto p.o.v.

Me and the rest of THE Konoha 12 entered in our village. We all were in a mission but Hinata. We were quite confused, even Neji. Not that I really cared, it's just Hinata, the dark and weird girl. I can't believe that she is in love with me, I mean, she can't even look at me. And who would ever want a dull girl with a jacket as plain as her? I have my Sakura, my bright and beautiful Sakura.

"Fuck you bastard, I'd kill to be in your place..." The Kyuubi hadn't felt such anger since the time he witnessed the girl almost get killed by her own cousin.

As we walked to the Hokage tower, Neji said:

"I wonder why Hinata-sama didn't come with us in the mission."

"Hokage-sama probably thought that she was too weak to join us," sneered my Sakura, she's right.

"Don't talk that way about my teammate/cousin!" Neji and Kiba shouted while Shino just nodded in agreement.

"Yeah forehead! What makes you think that you can say that kind of stuff behind sweet Hinata?" yelled Ino.

"Whatever, Sakura-chan can say anything she wants," I said proudly.

"Shut up Naruto! But he's right, I can say what I feel like saying," Sakura said sassily.

'I can't believe that she just agreed with me. Soon she will see that I'm much better than that teme Sasuke!' I thought dreamly.

"Troublesome, can we go already?" asked Shikamaru.

Everybody just muttered a fine, but I was still thinking about Hinata, well she isn't my business. We all went to see granny and to report about the mission.

Third person P.O.V.

When they arrived at the tower, Sakura had knocked at the door but didn't get an answer so she knocked harder, breaking the door and angering a hungover Tsunade. "Why did you do that?!" "We came to report Tsunade-sama." Sakura was fearful. "Did you have to break the damn door?!" After she calmed herself she asked for the report. Neji decided to ask something that was bothering him. "Hokage-sama, I wanted to ask why Hinata-sama didn't go with us in the mission." Tsunade looked at the Hyuuga. "Remember when Pain attacked? She was the main reason that Naruto lost control, almost freeing the Kyuubi, so the Council decided to exile her a day after you went in your mission." Then she added in thought. 'Not that I had any say in the matter.' After that nobody said a word, except for one.

"WHAT?" screamed Naruto.
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