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By rhysryanevans All Rights Reserved ©



Jakob was born in Romania 1968, in a town called: Sibiu:

His parents were simple people, they ran the local bakery,

His father was kicked out of the police as he had a drink problem,

Times were hard as he grew up, he didn’t go to school too much, he helped his mother run the bakery, his father would be upstairs trying to soba up,

Jakob got into trouble at the age of just fifteen years old, he made friends with older boys who led him astray, he learnt how to fight and steel,

The older boys introduced him to drugs, alcohol and naughty girls,

He stopped helping his mother in the bakery and mostly stayed with the gang he had joined,

He was tired of seeing his old man drinking his self to death, at first he felt sorry for his father, and understood what he was going through after being pushed out of the police after so many years, everyone knew his father in their town and respected him for his good police work, he had lost his sister and mother in a motor cycle accident, his old father had passed away a short time before, he hurt too much inside and turned to the bottle.

Jakob was turning into a very bad boy and a drunk like his father was!

One day when he came home quite late and had had half a bottle of vodka and smoked some dodgy stuff, he found his dad being very aggressive with his mum, he got in the way and his dad punched him in the mouth,

Jakob went to the floor in shock, his mother screamed, the father slapped his mother across the face and she fell to the floor, his father picked up a horse riding whip and came towards Jakob, the mother got up trying to protect Jakob and was thrown across the room by his father, Jakob could take no more of this and got up quickly, he dodged his father as he swiped at him with the whip, Jacob pushed him as hard as he could and his father fell backwards,

Jakob went to his mother, she was knocked out and not moving, there was a crashing noise behind Jakob, he turned round and saw the main balcony window wide open and broken, he looked back at his mother, someone screamed from outside!

Jacob’s mother opened her eyes and smiled, he looked around for his father and went to the open window, someone from outside screamed again, Jacob looked out of the window and saw his father on the cobbled road below, there was a lot of blood around his head, there was a lady knelt over him sobbing.

Jakob stood on the balcony and just stared at his father laying on the cobbled stones,

He looked back at his mother and shook his head,

His mother got herself up and went to the balcony, she saw her husband on the ground and screamed too!

Jacob’s mother started to slap Jakob hysterically,

She was swearing at him and out of control,

Jakob lashed out and pushed her away,

She fell against the balcony rail, it fell away and his mother fell through it,

Jacob tried to grab her but it was too late, he watched her fall to the ground below,

Another scream was heard!

Jakob shouted and went to his knees, he looked down through the broken rail and watched people rushing around his mother laid on the cobbled stones below next to his father, Jakob sat there on the balcony and cried,

A police siren was sounding from close by and came into view,

Jakob watched from where he was, people shouted up at him and hurled abuse!

Two police officers got out of their vehicle and ran towards the floor, they tried to sort out the now angry crowd that was there,

An ambulance turned up,

The police officers looked up at Jakob and told him to stay where he was, they made their way into the building.

Jakob panicked and went back into the lounge,

He didn’t know what to do,

There was a pounding at the door!

Jakob picked up the bottle of vodka his father had been drinking from and swallowed the rest of the bottle, he fell to his knees and started to vomit,

The police were shouting from outside the front door!

Jakob sat on the floor and lit one of his father’s cigarettes, he laughed out loud,

The police broke the door in and grabbed him the hard way, Jakob laughed as the handcuffed him and dragged him to their car, people in the street shouted and hurled abuse at him, the police got him into the back of their car,

Jakob saw the ambulance crew put his mother and father into the back of their vehicle,

He passed out.

Jakob went through a hard time in the police station, the police officers him as they liked his mother and father, everyone in the town loved their bread, the father was a known drunk but was still liked and respected for what he was, he was moved on to another prison in a bigger town.

Jakob went in front of the judge and was sent down for ten years, for the murder of his parents, no one believed his side of the story as he had got himself a very bad reputation and was actually wanted by police in different areas of the country.

Jacob eased his way into prison, at first he was bullied and beaten up, he waded his time and fought back in the end killing one of the head gang members in the prison, he got recognised as to not be messed with, Jakob made friends with the worst kind in there, he became one of the faces, the daddies, the ones you respect or disappear,

He did his ten tears and was released back into another world of crime,

He was only thirty years old and was one of the names in Romania not to be crossed with,

Jakob was very unhappy, he knew he would never be able to settle down after what he had done and gotten himself into, he had made too many enemies and always had to watch his own back, he had friends but not the type of friends you can trust,

The police were always watching him and other agencies too.

He kept low for a while and decided to plan something to make him disappear for good,

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