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The Legend of Vern'e

By Skyler Jensen All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Action

Chapter 1: Vern'e the Sacred Child

Arm'e; the world of the Arm'eians that is as of now in a state of terror. The world where legendary warriors are born and raised, only to become members of the Armysearches organization. The world where the war began, when the evil tyrant Dark Destruction invaded the world of Arm'e.

Arm'e remained at war for over two-thousand years. Over a thousand members of the Armysearches organization out of three-thousand died within those grueling years. All hope seemed lost, until Vern'eska was born in the year 2034. All his life he lived underground with the Resistance, where he trained with his father, Soren. His mother, Vinora unfortunately died in the year 2039, of a mysterious heart disease called Pinoralsincorlea syndrome. This disease enters the heart and eats it away, in other words a horrible way to die.

Vern'eska trained with his father each day nonstop. At age 15, he was strong enough to take on a Dorsian. However, at age 18, Vern'eska had been able to become a legendary being known as the Ultimate Warrior. Not long after his success though, his father died.

Vern'eska later decided to marry Moonsha, who was the caretaker for the Resistance. Luckily, she liked him enough to marry him, and immediately have a son. Vern'eska was able to bear Moonsha a son before he was called to join the Armysearches organization in battle. Not long after joining, he received news that Dark Destruction died, and that a new tyrant by the name of Black Matter was born and already grown to full size.

Only a year after joining the Armysearches organization in battle, the entire roster of members had been killed, and he was the only one left. Seeing his fate growing closer and closer, he suddenly saw a vision of what would happen to his son- now being born- if he didn't send him away to a new place, where he could train up to his fight with Black Matter. He immediately ran as fast as possible to the nearest jetcar station. Once he reached a station, he put in the coordinates to the jetcar station nearest to Battlefield D, and stepped into the jetcar.

Vern'esca just breathed in and out as slow as possible in the leather seat of the jetcar as it sped up to its top speed. Everything began to rumble like lightning and pressurize like a spatula to a pancake in a pan. In front of me the computer was displaying all that was happening on the outside of the jetcar as it flew at a top speed of one million miles per hour through the underground tunnels of Arm'e.

The computer began to vocalize saying, “Thirty seconds until destination, please hold on the best you can as this jetcar comes to a stop at Battlefield D."

Vern'eska gripped the end of the chair's arms as the temperature inside due to the impact of the brakes heating up rose rapidly. This meant that the brakes were operating correctly, and was bringing the jetcar to a complete stop. The temperature began to rise even more each and every second of the process. Vern'eska was sweating rapidly. He closed his eyes and held his breathe as the jetcar jerked and stopped instantly, making him fly forward toward the dashboard of the jetcar.

The jetcar was now at its appointed terminal and the last step of a jetcar's stop process was currently in progress. The last step is to let the brakes cool down, because in one trip the brakes reach a temperature so high it's barely survivable. Vern'eska stood up out of the chair trying to catch his breath. He could barely stand, so he used a pole to steady himself until he regained his balance.

It took ten long minutes for the brakes to cool down fully to where they weren't red as molten lava rock and at an excruciating temperature of 907 degrees. Vern'eska recaptured his balance and stood up away from the pole.

"Welcome to Battlefield D, watch your step as you exit the jetcar."

The door of the jetcar opened and in the doorway all that there was was steam from the brakes. Vern'eska exited the jetcar when the steam cleared, and entered the terminal "Battlefield D". Vern'eska ran down the passageway of the terminal with his 9.9 Striker magnum and sword by his side into a place known as HQ D. The one that Vern'eska originates from is HQ A. HQ A is two-thousand miles away and as of now is rubble due to Black Matter's forces.

Vern'eska ran as fast as possible to Sector 5B which is the room where all the secret files of Arm'e's records were stored. Instead of opening the door with a password, Vern'eska knocked the door down even though to solid metal bars sealed the door shut. How Vern'eska did this is by concentrating his energy to his right leg to kick the door down. This technique allows Vern'eska's leg to increase its original state to 2x its power.

The alarm started to ring in the room echoing, but he knew nobody was there and the fact that he was one of the members of the organization. He began to search for the files 5056-6029, but despite his effort, the files were nowhere to be found. After a few minutes he decided to give up, because in only five minutes the invasion of the Dorsians would begin.

Frustrated, Vern'eska dashed out the room, and ran out of the sector into the open world that smelled like sulfur. Vern'eska began to gag, as he ran to Battlefield D. Across the battlefield was Vern'eska's hometown known as Mursa, also where he knew that if he didn't hurry the world of Arm'e would be doomed for eternity.

Above him floated the one thing that he feared most at this point in time; Black Matter's ship. Vern'eska had no choice but to unleash the inner warrior inside him known as the Ultimate Warrior. Vern'eska took two deep breaths, then drew all the energy inside to his warrior's core. His muscles began to grow to new size, then with a final thrust of all his might and anger, he became the Ultimate Warrior.

The Ultimate Warrior is a legendary being, who contains unspeakable power and is completely indestructible inside and out. Vern'eska's entire family became the Ultimate Warrior besides the females, who can't become the Ultimate Warrior, because of their heritage.

Long ago, the females of Arm'e were put into a stage, where they could contain so much power. One day a female Arm'eian went a little too far over her power's limits, and nearly destroyed Arm'e and even herself. Luckily, a male Arm'eian was able to become the Ultimate Warrior, and stop her from destroying the world of Arm'e. Since then, the males are the only gender allowed to unleash their power and fight.

He exhaled a breath of air then spoke. "That should be enough power to make it in time; I'd better hurry though; there isn't much time left before the invasion begins."

He turned and ran at a speed of 500 mph across Battlefield D to Mursa. The rough ground tore his feet as he ran, and were heating up from the incredible speed. It hurt him, but he didn't care the slightest bit about his pain. He was more focused on getting to Mursa than anything now. If he didn't get to Mursa, then the entire universe would be doomed; including Arm'e.

He finally reached Mursa's gate, and despite his feet torn to shreds, he broke right through the gate and ran as fast as he could to his house. He ran through the streets lit by light close to the speed of light. His house was in the center of the city, so he decided to take a detour through an alley, that led him right to the city's center. Right across the street in front of him stood his house, where he could hear his wife screaming out his name.

He rushed across the street, then into his house.

"Moonsha! Moonsha, where are you! It's me Vern'eska!"

"Help! I'm in pain Vern'eska! Help me! Make it go away!"

"Where are you!"

"Up here!"

She was yelling from the bedroom, so he ran as fast as he could upstairs to the bedroom. Upstairs, he opened the bedroom door, and saw his pregnant wife sitting in a pool of water on the bed; she was crying massively.

"Are you okay Vern'eska?"

"I'm fine, but I have to get you to a hospital."

"Take me there."

"Okay, but I need you to sit up, so I can carry you."

"I'll try my hardest." With all her effort, Moonsha sat up Vern'eska grabbed her off the bed, and settled her up over his shoulder.

"Hold on." Vern'eska down the stairs and out the door into the streets. He then ran west to the hospital. The hospital was twenty miles away from his house, but because of Vern'eska's Ultimate Warrior form, they would be at the hospital in less than five minutes. During the five minutes, he looked at the sky, that was turning into nothing but darkness, and there wasn't even a storm on that day. The dark clouds only meant that evil was coming for his son, who was to be born any time then. He turned his head away from his greatest fear and ran even faster to the hospital.

The hospital wasn't far now, as he approached the barriers of the medical section of Mursa. Streets were marked on what kind of emergency you have, and if you follow the street that describes your emergency, the street will take you straight to the entrance of that sector of the hospital. The street marked "Labore" which means "labor", is the one Vern'eska took.

He ran down the street as fast as possible, passing other Arm'eians along the way. Once he came to the double door, he ran through them as fast as possible; he broke them right off their hinges. He didn't even bother checking in, instead he searched for a doctor. Once he spotted a doctor, he immediately rushed to him. "My wife is in labor!"

The doctor was stunned. "Calm down sir, now put her in room 326, and set her on the bed very carefully."

"Okay. Thank you." Vern'eska walked to room 326, and very carefully lifted Moonsha down off his shoulder onto the bed.

"I'm scared Vern'eska."

"Of what?"

"That our son won't make it."

"Don't worry. He'll be long gone before "they" get here."

"Grab my hand."

Vern'eska grabbed Moonsha's hand, and held it with all he had; He even shed a tear.

"Why do you cry?"

"Because it's my fault this is happening."

"No it isn't."

"Yes it is!" Moonsha retracted with fear in her eyes."If I would've finished him off fully, then the tyrant that chases me would be dead!"


"What! What is it!"

"Our son...he coming!"

Vern'eska stood up and yelled. "I need a doctor in here! Our son is about to be born!"

At that moment, a nurse bursted into the room. "How far along is she sir?"

"Who cares! The baby is coming out now!"

"Out of my way!" The nurse shoved Vern'eska out of the way, and bent down. She put on rubber gloves, then stuck her arms between Moonsha's legs. "Dear, I'm going to need you to breathe in-and-out."

Moonsha calmed herself and began to breathe in the pattern the nurse instructed. "Now I need you to push. I'll do a countdown from 1 to 3. Ready; 1,2,3 push!"

Moonsha pushed as hard as possible, then began to do her breathing pattern again. The nurse prepared herself again."1,2,3 push!" Moonsha pushed again, with her veins popping out of her forehead and sweat dripping off her face onto the clean sheets of the hospital bed.

"One last time. 1,2,3 push!" Moonsha pushed to her breaking point, until her face turned purple, due to her skin being blue. Vern'eska began to hear crying from his son, as the nurse pulled him out of Moonsha.

"It's a boy. Congratulations."

"Thank you."

"I'll leave you three alone." The nurse left and shut the door behind her. Moonsha held our son in her arms; almost half-asleep.

"Vern'eska what shall his name be?"

"It shall be the root of mine. His name will be Vern'e for "sacred" in the Arm'eian language."

"It's perfect."

"I agree."

Suddenly, Vern'eska and Moonsha both heard a loud pound. Everyone in the hospital began to scream and run from what had entered the building. Vern'eska knew who it was, so he immediately acted fast. "Moonsha that's them!"

"I know."

"Then you know what must be done with Vern'e."


Moonsha shed a tear, then kissed Vern'e on the forehead. She then handed Vern'e to Vern'eska.

"Vern'e. My son. I give you all my power, so that when the day comes that you face him, you'll be able to become something beyond my power." Vern'eska placed Vern'e in his right palm, then spoke. "Kerisma orosa, intenosoa pensa, relatovae remesoa rekmas!" Vern'eska's power was then transferred to Vern'e, and as the power grew so did Vern'e.

Vern'eska began to grow weak, as the process of transferring the power was ending. He fell to the ground, and finally- with all the energy absorbed- Vern'e transported to faraway planet in the solar system.

Vern'eska sits on the floor drained of his power and weak. He is relieved that his son escaped without being harmed by the intruder in the hospital. Moonsha lies awake on her bed, also relieved of her son's escape. The only sound in the hospital is screaming and footsteps making a "thud" sound down the halls.

Vern'eska hears "them" approaching their room, but he doesn't care if he dies or not, because he knew he had done his job on protecting his son from the threat that was enclosing on him. Outside the room, he sees a silhouette of a tall and wide figure, accompanied by smaller sized figures. "He's here."

Their voice were very faint, but Vern'eska could make out what the smaller figures were saying. "I since him. He's very nearby." The taller one roars out a reply. "I can feel him you idiot! I smell his fear, taste his blood, and know he's in HERE!" The tall figure broke down the door to our room, and with a sudden onset, the tall figure stepped into the room, followed by his smaller figures. "It's about time. Black Matter."

"It's good to see you Vern'eska. How has it been?"

"Shut your damn mouth. I've been through nothing but hell because of you."

"You flatter me. It's what I do best."

"Sickening. Truly sickening."

"Let's cut to the chase."

"Why? The chase is over."

"Very funny. Now, where's the newborn."

"None of your business."

"It's all my business. I won't ask again."

"Go to Hell." Black Matter grabbed Vern'eska by his shirt's collar and shoved him against the wall.

"Tell me."


"Is that so." Black Matter kneed Vern'eska in the stomach so hard, it broke two ribs and fractured his hip bone. Vern'eska moaned in pain while coughing up blood. "Now will you tell me?"

"Never." Vern'eska spit blood in Black Matter's face, then took his right fist and-with all his might- punched himself in stomach, and shoved his fist through his entire body and back out. He shot up so much blood that it soaked Black Matter's face, and began to leak blood onto the floor.

"You fool!"

"Black Matter you'll never find him. He's long gone from here. In a place beyond your boundaries. You can search for ages, and you'll never even come close to finding him. If you ever do, then he'll be ready to take you down for good. You'll see. Your days are numbered. Vern'e will destroy you. Now, I leave you for good."

"No you don't! Tell me where Vern'e is!"

"What's the matter? Did Black Matter just get outsmarted by an Arm'eian?"

"Shut up! Where is he!"

"Goodbye forever."


Vern'eska passed away in Black Matter's grip. "No! He can’t be gone! Grrr! Where is he! Where is he! Where! Where! Where! Where! Where!"

There was no response. Vern'eska was gone forever.

"NO!" Black Matter dropped Vern'eska to the ground, then punched a hole in the wall. He turned around with so much fire in his eyes, and looked at Moonsha. "You!"

Moonsha panicked, then grabbed a scalpel knife next to her bed. "Back away! I swear I'll do it!"

"Now, now. Let's not play with knives lady."

"Back off!"

"Put it down."

"Get back!"

"Put it down."

Moonsha shoved the scalpel knife through her heart, and pulled it out. Blood squirted out of her chest and out of her mouth. She fell to the ground and looked up at Black Matter; she was able to speak before dying.

"You were warned." With one last breath and movement, Moonsha pupils went black and was gone somewhere else beyond.


"Now what, sire?"

"Get to the ship! The invasion begins now!"

"Yes, sire."

Black Matter left with no trace. In his mind all he thought of was some way or another, I will find him. No matter what it takes. The invasion began one day later.

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